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Seventies Interior Design Inspiration

Seventies interior design has been making a huge comeback this year. With many of today’s biggest interior design trends being traced to this era, sometimes you have to look back to move forward.

The Seventies used to get a bit of a bad rap when it came to home decor, but take a quick look on Instagram and you’ll see it’s influence everywhere. Macrame wall hangings? Check. Floral printed peasant dresses? Check. Terrazzo? Shag carpet? Rattan? The boho vibes of seventies counter culture are everywhere at the moment.

Some of the most popular color palettes that most people associate with the era are burnt orange, avocado green, mustard yellow and every shade of brown. Mustard yellow in particular has slowly infiltrated every part of the fashion and lifestyle industries, from exterior paint colors to throw pillows.

Recent furniture design has seen the use of more rounded edges, fuller shapes and general plumpness across the board. These shapes create super comfortable seating areas and are in contrast to some of the more minimal designs favored over recent years.

Terrazzo flooring was considered a budget option for durable flooring during the seventies, but has really surged in popularity recently. Many contemporary interior designers have even been using the material to craft tables, chairs, lights and vanity accessories.

To find out more about the seventies interior design inspiration you need in your life right now, click on the link below to see more ideas from Elle Decor.

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