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Noir Furniture at Brass & Burl

We are pleased to announce that the amazing Noir Furniture is available to purchase through the Brass & Burl website. Noir have been designing and building their unique collections of home furnishings for over a decade; specializing in natural and classic designs that are environmentally friendly.

Noir pride themselves on building furniture the old fashioned way. They only use the highest quality, properly dried solid wood, so you can enjoy their products for many years to come.

First formed as Noir Trading Inc. in 2004, partners Georg Baehler and Stephanie Lu’s company ethos still to this day is to manufacture bespoke furniture that deftly balances hand-crafted design with consistent and sustainable wood.

Swiss-born lead designer Georg Baehler creates every item for Noir furniture the old-fashioned way: with a pencil and paper. Whether classically inspired or an original piece, every Noir product is meticulously designed  to scale by Georg’s hand. His passion for classic design inspiration shapes the Noir way of thinking. From the outline itself, through to the craftsmen that bring his pieces to life, all the way to the sustainable local materials. Georg playfully experiments with all three of these elements to create the singular Noir vision.

Georg Baehler said:

“We select lumber from well-known suppliers, who guarantee their drying process specifically for export. On larger panels and backs, we use ply wood to minimize the risk of shrinking or even cracking. All finishes are hand applied and sanded repeatedly, then finished off with a lacquer top coat or wax.”

Noir provide customers affordable handcrafted furniture that can last for generations. Their product line is aesthetically cohesive yet has the breadth to complement a full range of interior design styles.

Noir’s dynamic line showcase Georg’s personal design vision and the evolving skills of their craftsmen. Built on a solid foundation of products in an effort to find the next classics, we are pleased at Brass & Burl to give you the opportunity to feast your eyes on the true design excellence that Noir Furniture purvey.

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