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Divine Modern Furniture by District Eight

When it comes to modern furniture design, nobody crafts original pieces quite like District Eight.

Inspired by the Industrial Age, the company was founded in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, back in April 2010. Their design ethos combines industrial elements with modern aesthetics, offering high-end furniture and game tables sought by international collectors and far-flung hoteliers in search of statement pieces.

From research to development, District Eight’s fine handcrafted goods bears the mark of care, quality and attention to detail. In contrast to many competitors mass-produced items, District Eight’s furniture reflects the raw, bold character of their surroundings in Vietnam.

Their unique process fosters a strong sense of individual responsibility for each skilled craftsman. Each piece is a representation of their personal and collective creativity.

Co-founder Darren Chew said:

At District Eight, we add the value of craftsmanship which is lost elsewhere due to the cost of labor. We have the opportunity in Vietnam to make a product with methods no longer available for mass production in developed countries. Hand-craftsmanship is our advantage although we also need to look at technology to remain competitive. We are breaking out of the perception of “everything is cheaper in Vietnam” by placing an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. You’ll find that the quality is similar to other well-crafted furniture manufactured in Europe or North America.

District Eight now employs 150 people in both the design studio and furniture factory, as the company continues to go from strength to strength around the globe. From small beginnings, the modern furniture company now have outlets in many continents across the globe, including Brass & Burl.

We’re over the moon to be able to offer you their unique, handcrafted furnishings that seamlessly interview industrial elements with modern aesthetics. Featuring beds, lighting, cabinets and chairs, they also create some of the most stunning games tables in the world world.

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