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Beautiful Modern Furniture by Theodore Alexander

Theodore Alexander handcrafts the most beautiful modern furniture and accessories for your home; adding uncompromising quality to your favorite spaces.

The company was founded by Englishman Paul Maitland Smith in 1996, a leading name in the creation of fine furniture and home decor. Their comprehensive modern furniture collections consist of over 4,000 unique designs; seamlessly blending eclectic, traditional and classical furniture aesthetics with strong social and environmental commitments.

Theodore Alexander proudly take responsibility for their effect on the environment. Their policies and practices are specifically tailored to maximize sustainability and to minimize their negative impact on the planet’s natural resources. These include:

  • All wood materials are resourced from environmentally responsible suppliers.
  • Recycling all wood waste and any other materials.
  • All finishing materials from suppliers who are committed to sustainability and bio-diversity
  • Cardboard packaging is made with 60% recycled fibre as certified by SGS certifying agency.

Theodore Alexander may specialize in modern furniture trends, but they recognize that any company using the natural resources of this planet must also be accountable and aware of their environmental impact. They said:

We takes responsibility for our activities and their effect on the environment. Our policies and practices were consciously developed to maximize sustainability and to minimize any negative impact. We also comply with all environmental and social requirements of our partner bank, The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a division of the World Bank. Their strict monitoring of our activities gives us regulation and guidance in being good stewards of the environment.

Every detail in a piece of Theodore Alexander bespoke furniture is executed by hand. Shaped by English heritage, they believe in using only the most interesting, environmentally-friendly materials for both function and beauty. Their master craftsmen employ time honored techniques to craft truly beautiful modern furniture that you’re sure to fall madly in love with.

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By Alister

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