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20% Off Hudson Valley Luxury Lighting

We are delighted to announce that not only can you now purchase Hudson Valley’s luxury lighting from our website, but we also have 20% off until 13th February 2019.

Hudson Valley create innovative designer lighting with a commitment to the highest possible quality. Company founder David Littman has over 35 years experience in the luxury lighting industry, leveraging a deep network of engineering skills to respond with agility to market demands.

The Littman family name has been deeply ensconced within the lighting industry since 1947. David’s grandfather, William, began the now esteemed family business from a simple garage in New York, before growing the company and moving to the Hudson River Valley.

David’s own apprenticeship to the lighting industry started while at High School, working in the warehouse of his father’s commercial lighting factory. After graduating from George Washington University, David took the helm of Hudson Valley Lighting at just 23 years of age, a 35-year tenure that has seen many changes in the luxury lighting industry.

David says:
Hudson Valley is about more than just lighting; it’s about a lifestyle. We design and build beautiful fixtures for people who put quality first – for people who are not willing to trade-off that increasingly rare characteristic. Our aim is to make a space look absolutely incredible; therefore, our first goal is always to deliver the very best fixture we can. Of course, we can only achieve that goal if we keep our products within reach of customers who understand the lasting value of a well-made fixture, but cannot simply disregard price entirely.

After such a huge amount of time spent at the forefront of the industry, David understands that quality, beauty and value are more than goals; matching the outward beauty of an object to its inner strength. This is where David and Hudson Valley Lighting set themselves apart in the field of luxury lighting design.


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