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Amazing Lighting Ideas for Every Taste

How you light your house can really make a difference to how your interior design ‘pops’. That’s why we thought we’d share with you a great article by The Spruce about lighting ideas for your modern home.

Just as the right fashion accessory can really take your outfit to the next level, the same is true for your indoor lighting. A well thought out fixture will enhance any space in your house and makes a real standout statement. With so many room brightening options to choose from, like flush mounts, floor lamps, pendants and chandeliers to name just a few, illuminating your living areas has never seen such a wide variety of options.

Flush mount lighting can be visually exciting, with their clean shapes making them a truly timeless classic. Or you could glam things up with an opulent fixture like a chandelier; a true statement piece that adds a degree of luxury that does not feel too stuffy or over the top.

Statement lighting can brighten up any spot in your abode. Why not try oversized pendant shades to provide plenty of task lighting while drawing the eye toward the back of the space, which adds visual depth.

Or even a chrome overarching floor lamp in a living room to combine great style with a practical function. The gravity-defying arc on these lamps not only make a dramatic statement, but also makes it a cinch to cast light to any spot in the room.

By combining contrasting materials and styles, you can make the lighting of your house feel totally unique to your taste.  To find out more ideas, click the link below to read the excellent article by The Spruce on how you can update and uplift the lighting of your modern home.

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