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Amazing Malibu Interior Design Transformation

If you’re looking for an amazing interior design transformation, look no further than this stunning mobile home in Malibu, featured by Vogue Magazine, that has been turned into a Scandi-chic surf retreat.

Los Angeles-based interior designer Nina Freudenberger was working on her book Surf Shack when it seemed like the perfect time to buy a double-wide trailer in Malibu and completely renovate.

Nina found what she was looking for in Point Dume, seven minutes walk from Zuma Beach. Her aesthetic for the 1,400 square-foot space featured a few key characteristics, with the use of neutrals and materials like unfinished woods and marble, plus great outdoor furniture.

Nina said:

I was trying to prove that you don’t need stuff to be comfortable. You don’t need those three extra throw blankets and four throw pillows. You can have a really comfortable chair. The chair can just be comfortable on its own. It’s also about making the lifestyle so simple that there aren’t many distractions. We love the idea of having our kids grow up on the beach — living simply by the water.

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