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Bella Notte Linens at Brass & Burl

We are pleased to announce that the divine Bella Notte Linens will now be available to purchase from Brass & Burl.

The company first started in 1996, when fashion designer Kathleen McCoy turned her creative eye towards the luxury home textiles market. Kathleen began by experimenting with excess rolls of fabric to create bedding for her young children and as a result, created her first couture range.

Bella Notte Linens celebrate the home as a sanctuary. With a passion for craftsmanship and color, the team purvey modern romanticism and the inherent creativity in all of us. Created in San Francisco, they are part of a niche community of textile makers who are dedicated to local, small batch manufacturing. Their master sewers ensure each piece is exquisitely crafted to inspire the expression of your elegant and bohemian soul.

Made to order in California, Bella Notte’s luxury linens go way beyond just the design. They responsibly source only the finest quality materials from around the world, applying no chemical finishes and low impact dyes. Alongside this conscious approach, all of their couture designs are washable at home, even the velvets and silks. These luxurious textiles are for everyday living for everyone in the family.

Kathleen still continues to be the guiding visionary behind the Bella Notte home brand, but is now joined in the family business by her daughter, Taylor, and niece, Lauren. They became partners in 2018, to ensure the company is in good hands for the next generation of customers.

As they continue to evolve as a business, they grow ever more committed to becoming a more sustainable and ethical company. From deepening there partnerships with vendors, supporting employees with a bilingual language program, donating to California fire victims and achieving zero waste in production, Bella Notte continue to create consciously-made home textiles you’ll collect, layer and love for years to come. We are proud for their family to join ours at Brass & Burl.


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