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What is the 2020 Color of the Year?

What will be the 2020 color of the year? With the winter months drawing ever closer, now is a great time to start looking at what the big color trends will be for the new year with Benjamin Moore & Co.

Benjamin Moore founded his paint company way back in 1883. The business ethos remains the same today as it did a century ago; to produce the highest quality paint available and to deliver them with a smile. As a leader in the architectural coatings industry, Benjamin Moore sell the finest paints, stains, and finishes through a network of more than 5,000 independent retailers across North America.

Around this time every year, the Benjamin Moore team of color specialists gets a little more philosophical than usual. As they look to the future, they select a single hue from a deck of more than 3,500 colors. This year, the winning paint chip is…

First Light

This super soft and not-too-sweet pink, is flattering, fun and captures a budding sense of optimism about the next 10 years. Benjamin Moore’s Director of Color Marketing, Andrea Magno, said:

What does 2020 mean? And how can we express that with a color? When you look at color over time there is often a direct relationship between what shades are popular and what is happening in the world. At the brink of 2020 we were just thinking, Let’s be upbeat; let’s be happy. From a research stand point, we’ve seen pink becoming a more mainstream color.Even if you use it on all four walls—it’s there, it’s enhancing the surroundings, it’s pulling everything together. Everyone looks good in a pink room.

Once reserved for little girl’s bedrooms and baby showers, First Light has slightly blue undertones and is more nuanced than millennial pink. You might say it’s the new white for the new decade!

Benjamin Moore has also selected nine hues that go well with First Light, including dramatic shades like Cushing Green, Blue Danube and the Gustavian tones like Windmill Wings and Golden Straw.

Click the link below to see our very own selection of furniture and fittings that will go well with 2020’s Color of the Year.

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